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 Holistic Bodywork 

Tension is who you think you should be, relaxation is who you are.
— Chinese Proverb


Chase likes to treat the entirety of every client she sees and understands the interconnection between all aspects of our being. Her Holistic Bodywork approach acknowledges that there are many facets to every injury and condition including emotional, psychospiritual, and physiological ones.  Chase has a library of holistic healing knowledge that she has collected over the years that she likes to use to guide her sessions.  Make no mistake, her bodywork is thorough, deep, and highly integrative.  She employs various techniques including lomi lomi hawaiian massage, myofascial, mobilization, stretching, shiatsu, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, polarity, and others and pairs it with pranayama (yogic breath), reiki if conditions are appropriate, and other energetic healing modalities to create a unique kind of bodywork. Many people have had complete recoveries from chronic conditions that have bothered them for years through Chase's holistic approach. Her clients leave her table feeling in tune with their vital energy so that they may align the highest expression of who they are.  Chase has also been told by various clients that after years of searching for the right therapist, she seemed to have all the elements that they have been looking for; strength, technique, and wisdom.  





Therapeutic Massage

This is the signature style of Chase's work as she weaves together her intensive knowledge of traditional therapeutic massage and its many modalities alongside her deep intuitive knowledge of the entire human being.  So much of our life is ingested through our body.  It is impossible to separate the varied life experiences we have had and the physiology of our body, they are one.  Chase's therapeutic massage takes in all of these considerations and works to open and release all that is held in our bodies, making our experience as humans on this earth easier, happier, and more relaxed.  This is a true healing experience. 


Pre-natal/Post-natal Massage

The experience of being pregnant can shift your entire body and soul out of alignment.  Chase has a healing touch that is able to hone in on the areas of a woman's body that are holding tension, achy, and just out of whack.  So much can go on for a woman when she is pregnant and Chase is able to honor this right-of-passage as it should be, with reverence and with the utmost respect.  Her clients are true goddesses in her eyes.  So much pain is held in the hips, low back, and shoulders for pregnant women.  Chase has the ability to alleviate this pain and leave her clients lighter, freer, and feeling like the Queens they truly are.   

Sports Massage/  Sports Injury Massage

Chase has a knack for deep, integrative work that many athelets respond to.  She has massaged major league baseball players as well as celebrity yoga teachers and each client she is able to serve offers a similar response, their relief is palpable.  Clients that have had chronic sciatica as well as other chronic conditions for years have found relief through Chase's holistic treatments. Chase is able to target the fascia in such a way that permanent changes are able to be made, and relief found. 



Therapeutic Energy Healing Massage

Chase is able to weave her deep knowledge of the human body and its physiology with the energetics each and every human carries through-in and through-out them.  Through this comprehensive treatment, Chase addresses the energy held within the body that is usually seen as knots, pain, and chronic conditions that are actually energetic blocks that are generally caused from some sort of long-held trauma.  Chase is able to address these areas with her hands of light that are able to diffuse the blocked energy and release the long held stagnant energy so that her clients can lead more fulfilling, embodied lives.  


Holistic Astrology Readings

Chase has developed her own special kind of astrology that she likes to call 'Holistic Astrology.'  This fits within the Wild Moon Holistic paradigm, a paradigm that aims at looking at all aspects of ourselves,  body, mind, soul, and spirit so that we can become the highest version of ourselves.  Chase takes her time when studying her clients chart to ensure that she can be a clear channel for only the highest, most supportive, and loving energies.  Chase sees astrology as a divine tool within which we can begin to see ourselves objectively through.  This helps us look at where in our lives we may be a bit imbalanced. She also looks at what the divinely given gifts of any one person are and how any person can lean into expressing those gifts even more in this lifetime. Chase works closely with her clients to help bring clarity and a re-balanced energy into their consciousness so that they can begin to live more whole, fulfilling lives.   

Chase takes this work very seriously and knows how readings like these can impress the subconscious in a way that the client may not even fully realize.  That is why she works to give deeply nourishing, inspiring, and divinely guided energy to her client through this transformative process so they may walk through life with optimism, security, and a sense of trust.

75 Minute Holistic Astrology Session-$220   

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Chase Buttice LMP,MA

Chase has always been a seeker and healer. She was born with one grey hair on her head as a child and throughout her life has been told that she is an "old soul."  Chase is a known psychic and intuitive and naturally came to discover bodywork after coming back from serving in the Peace Corps in Morocco from 06-09.  There she taught yoga and empowerment activities to young girls.  She moved to Hawaii and attended Maui School of Therapeutic Massage directed by the great Jim Hackett who is no longer on this planet.  Through massage she found a way to use her intuitive gifts as well as her strength.  Many people have always said of her work that she seems to know exactly where to go in the body without the client even having to explain, and that is exactly how Chase works, very intuitively.  She has a deep energetic sense of her clients and can feel into their bodies and energy in a way that is very unique to bodywork. After massage school Chase decided to go to graduate school for Sustainable Communities at Northern Arizona University. It was there deep in the activist world that Chase realized one can only really change the world if they change themselves.  Her masters thesis was on how to rewild our consciousness and she specialized in Consciousness and Social Change. Chase spends a lot of time grounding herself spiritually and emotionally to create a strong and safe space to work through and release all the trauma and stress her clients hold in their bodies and souls.  She takes this work very seriously and gives it all of her energy and attention when she is with a client.  She combines her natural spiritual gifts alongside her years of study into the healing arts to create a highly unique and specialized treatment for every person that comes to see her.   

Many people have always said of her work that she seems to know exactly where to go in the body without the client even having to explain, and that is exactly how Chase works, very intuitively.


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Sunny,Talk Show Host/Life Coach 

Chase is literally the most incredible bodyworker I've ever had work on me, and I've gotten a lot of work done! She is not only incredibly skilled in her work, she is also incredibly strong.  Her deep tissue massages are SO powerful.  In addition, she is a great listener and is highly intuitive so she is truly awesome at honing in on what needs to be addressed and healed. She has been instrumental in my own transformation.  I am so grateful to her! 

Caylin, Artist

Chase is able to see where true empowerment lies in a person, and the obstacles that keep us from our bliss and deepest desires.  She weaves together what is needed in a session through bodywork, intuitive counseling, and her knowledge of the divinatory arts.  Her presence is easy to be with, open to, and is a place where my true self really shines.  I leave her sessions feeling transformed, renewed, and focused more on solutions, rather than problems.  

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Joey,Owner Reside Real Estate Group

I have had the extraordinary experience of enjoying a holistic massage from Chase on many occasions. She has the fantastic ability to marry deep tissue work to full body relaxation. I have a chronic low back problem and she has been able to deeply relieve the issue. Her holistic bodywork is thorough, deep and highly integrative.  It is a special treat to receive a massage from this   magical masseuse.  


Emily Oliver, Actress

Chase is a miracle worker!!! My hubs and I tried for a baby for seven years... I went in for an energy cleansing and massage, and we ended up doing a womb healing...guess who got pregnant that same month!?? So amazing! Chase also is not afraid to “get into the muscles,” as I like a deep and active massage. I leave feeling lighter and more relaxed each time! Definitely recommend!! Chase is also super kind and makes me feel at ease every time I visit. (I’ve even fallen asleep on the table which is a testament to Chase’s ability and calming nature!)


60 Minute Bodywork Session


In this session you will receive an integrative treatment that focuses on the areas of your body where tension, adhesions, pain, trauma, and overall stiffness lie.  60 minute sessions tend to be more targeted to the site specific area so that we can get as much relief as possible for you, the client.

90 minute Bodywork Session


In this 90 minute session you will receive a more comprehensive session.  With more time allows more space to dive into problem areas with a greater sense of body mechanics and patterning.  A deeper sense of the body is able to be felt and worked through by Chase, and therefore a deeper session is the result. 


If you buy a bundle of massages at a time, Chase offers a sizable discounted rate! 

60 Minute Massage Packages

Five 60 minute massages at 10% off

In this package you will receive 10% off the entire package of 5 60 minute massages which would give you a total discount of $65 reducing the price of each massage by $13.  

Ten 60 minute massages at 15% off

In this package you will receive %15 off the entire package of ten 60 minute massages which would give you a total discount of $195 reducing the price per massage by almost $20.  

90 Minute Massage Packages

Five 90 minute massages at 15% off 

In this package you will receive 15% off the entire package of five 90 minute massages which would give you a total discount of $135 reducing the price per massage by $27

Ten 90 minute massages at 20% off 

In this package you will receive %20 off the entire package of ten 90 minute massages which would give you a total discount of $360 reducing the price per massage by $36 


Chase is not currently an in-network provider on any insurance panels. If your insurance provides reimbursement for out-of-network providers, then our sessions will likely be covered at the out-of-network rate. Chase can provide you with documentation to submit the claim on your own. However, you are responsible for payment in full at the time of service.  

Sliding Scale

Chase does offer a small number of sliding scale spaces to certain clientele that cannot afford her full price. This will be discussed at the time of treatment.     

Cancellation Policy

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If there is no notification of the cancellation prior to the 24 hour period you will be charged in full. 

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